Gaál Gyöngyvér

For me, an ideal piece of jewellery, is one that has humour, tells a story, or takes you back to your carefree childhood. I love it when the playfulness of a piece makes the onlookers smile and think or even ask questions. My jewellery is joyful, and I hope that with its help, the one wearing it, is able to express themselves to the world.

I often find myself getting inspiration from observing nature and I also enjoy using its different materials as the basis, or as parts of my pieces. Other times, I opt for artificial, man-made materials and use them in strange, unpredictable ways, such as my brooches made from synthetic resin.

Of course, the real gemstones, found in nature with their varied colours and forms, are forever inspirations of mine, when designing jewellery.

Collective exhibitions

Persnoal exhibitions